Dried apples

We produce natural products, which are characterized by the absence of preservatives, colorants and further added sugar. Dried fruit and vegetables produced by "Struma Fruit" are remarkable for their genuine taste and juiciness. Our goal is to keep the maximum quality of raw materials and to offer our customers a delicious and healthy foods.


  • Biscuits with spelled, apple and cinnamon

    150 grams of whole grain wheat flour
    150 grams of oatmeal
    125 grams cow butter, melted
    100 grams of brown sugar
    100 grams of eggs (2 pieces)
    50 grams of dried apples
    10 grams of cinnamon
    10 grams of baking powder

    Of these quantities, 30 cookies are available.

    Put the flour in the bowl, along with the sugar and baking powder. Shuffle in order for the products to mix well. Add melted butter, broken eggs and cinnamon. Agitate to form a homogeneous mixture. Cut the dried apples into small pieces. Add them and mix a soft, crumbly dough. Put baking paper in the large pan of the oven. From the dough, make balls as big as a nut and press them with your palms to form a biscuit. Arrange them in the tray at a distance of about one centimeter from each other. Bake in a preheated 180 degree oven, on average, for about 15-20 minutes. After firing, remove them and place them on a metal grid to cool.
    Enjoy your meal!

  • Parfait with apricots

    Products for swamps:
    2 eggs (106 grams)
    100 grams of dried apricots
    30 grams of apple flour

    Products for the cream:
    300 grams of apricot + 120 grams for decoration (8 pieces)
    400 grams of sheep's yogurt
    40 grams of gelatin

    Start with the cream. Mix gelatin with 150 milliliters of water and remove aside. Apply the apricots and put them on a hot plate with 50 ml of water. Place cover and keep warm for 5 minutes. According to the recipe , if they do not boil for a short time, the cake's durability drops. There must also be something warm for cold gelatin. Cut apricots into pieces as much as possible because they become soft. Put the yogurt and gelatin in a blender and blend into a homogeneous mixture. Then add the chopped apricots and mix well. It is good all the ingredients to be put in a blender and blended like that. If you want you can change this step to feel the pieces of apricot in the cream. The blender we used is Nutrible and it's pretty strong. There would hardly be a single piece of apricot. Try the cream and if you are not sweet enough, add a little honey or another sweetener. Remove the cream sideways and take care of the preparation of swamps. In the blender put the eggs, dried apricots and apple flour. I blew for a short time and left small pieces of dried apricots. According to the original recipe has acted differently here. First he drank the eggs with the apricots and then added spelled flour and baking powder. However, we missed the baking powder and so there is no description of the products as in her recipe. Pour the swamp mix into a 20 cm diameter tray. In the tray, put paper for roasting on the bottom and walls. Spread the mixture well in the pan. I used a spoon that I dipped from time to time in warm water because otherwise the blend stuck to the spoon. A thin blay is obtained. Bake in a preheated 170-175 degree oven for 8-10 minutes. Once cooked, remove the tray and let it cool down. Once the marsh has cooled, pour it with cream. Put the mold overnight in the refrigerator to tighten. Once tight, carefully remove the tray from the tray and the paper from the walls. Gently pull the paper under the swamps. It's easy to remove because the perfume is pretty juicy and the cream has absorbed well in the swamps and has softened the paper. Then cut / cut imbedded pieces, and why not cut whole pieces / on the perfume. Put on each piece half an apricot.
    Enjoy your meal!