Bio series consumer packaging

In today’s hectic everyday life, a person is more and more often faced with the problem of “What to eat?” and “I don’t have time!” or simply does not think about what he consumes. But this problem is related to our health and longevity.

The company’s vision is to produce quality foods that help people lead a healthy lifestyle, regardless of the hectic daily life.

To achieve our vision and goals, we work with high-quality raw materials of clear origin and suitability, from established manufacturers and suppliers. “Struma Fruit” EOOD – Kyustendil is pleased to offer to your attention 100% natural dried fruits, vegetables and nuts. No Preservatives, No Colours, No Sweeteners and No Additives!

We believe that there is no more valuable food than that which gives health, improves appetite and is easily available to consumers!

Organic collection – dried prunes, pitted

Organic collection – dried sweet cherries

Organic collection of dried prunes with pits

Organic collection – Royal Medjool dates

Organic collection – dried chokeberry

Organic collection – raw Pecan nuts

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